Categories of articles

1. Author Guideline

2. Publications ethics policy of Medical Journals

3. Categories of articles

4. Templates  and documents required for the submission of manuscript

5. Journal Policy

6. Guidelines to be followed for various study designs

3. Categories of articles : with word limit of each category

Original Article

BHJ accept researches conducted in all aspects of Medical Sciences, including Medical Education, Public Health, Health Policy, Planning and Financing, Hospital and Health Care Management, Nursing Care, Research and Publication Ethics.

Word limit for research article should be approximately, 2000-2500 words (excluding title, structured abstract of 250 words and references).

Review Articles

These are literature based reviews of the current state of understanding on a topic which analyzes, or discusses management and treatment approaches to any clinical conditions in the field of clinical medicine to improve the quality of patient care or the understanding of a disease process. Articles relevant to our Bhutan’s context are particularly encouraged.

Word limit for the article has to be approximately ~2500-3000 words (excluding unstructured abstract (200 words) and references of (> 50 and <100).

Case Reports & Case Series

It includes report of a case with literature review that includes, an unexpected association between diseases or symptoms, an unexpected event in the course of observing or treating a patient, findings that shed new light on the possible pathogenesis of a disease or an adverse effect, unique or rare feature of a disease, unique therapeutic approaches, approaches to a disease management, a patient whose diagnosis was difficult to make, changes in one or more patients with chronic conditions over an extended time period, report on two or more patients with similar characteristics who received different interventions and had different outcomes, atypical management of patients with common problems, a typical patient presentations, apply theory to patient or client management, report on an administrative or academic experience.

Word limit for the case report should be approximately  Approximately, 1500-2000 words (excluding title, unstructured abstract of 150 words and references) has been permitted for case reports. Number of references depends upon the type of case but we recommend limit it to 5-10 references.


These are usually solicited but unsolicited material may also be considered (approx. 1000 to 1200 words). A maximum of 10- 12 references may be included. Editorials should not have tables and figures. The editorial shall on be on topic/areas of national importance or recent updates in the field of Medicine and Health systems.

Short Reports

These are brief reports on original research (approx. 1200 to 1500 words). A short report may include up to 1-2 tables or figures and 12 to 15 references.

Selected Summaries

Selected summaries are of important articles published elsewhere and they provide a short summary of the paper in the reviewer’s words (not the original authors’ published abstract) followed by comments (approx. 800- 1000 words). A copy of the original publication should accompany the submission.


Viewpoints may be expert opinions, and new ideas related to health sciences which do not meet the criteria in other categories. Each article should be within word limit of 1000-1500 with unstructured abstract of 100 words and references.

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor may be regarding any clarifications or explanations about the published article in the Journal or feedback or important commentaries within the word limit of 500-1000 words. We do not require abstract but references up to 5.


News regarding any significant health related events, upcoming conferences or recent developments in Bhutan’s health sector will be published. This category is reserved for the editorial board members only.